American RTM Homes

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AMERICAN RTM HOMES™ - Green Stick Built Homes ... Ready to Move ... To Your Lot

American RTM Homes™ are built off-site for single piece delivery to customer lots with advanced energy Enviro System℠ construction and ATech’s Craftsman workmanship specifications.

Independent and locally owned Production Facilities are implemented as Joint Venture start-ups that permit the transfer of ATechBuilder Corporation’s proprietary technology to third parties through licensing agreements.
Enviro System℠ construction is the most advanced production system in the U.S. and Canada for building new homes in a manufacturing environment to exceed all enhanced insulation standards. It is also more cost effective than SIPS panels or urethane spray foam options for achieving advanced energy performance levels.

American RTM Homes™ floor plans have been developed specifically for Enviro System℠ to take advantage of its unique construction processes by offerring exclusive artistic ATech Design Features to create both unique interior space and designer finishing features.

Targeted markets for American RTM Homes™ include South Dakota, Minnesota, and the Bakken regions of North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, Alberta, & Manitoba.

Currently American RTM Homes™ are not being commercially produced for any of these markets but they have been successfully built and sold by Production Facilities in Malta Montana and Faulk County /Aberdeen South Dakota.

Significant potential now exists for developing American RTM Homes™ production and sales in these targeted markets. To find out more about this business opportunity contact Rick Downs or visit

A New Choice for Your Street   Green & Socially Responsible

American RTM HomesOur homes are NOT modular homes, but can be delivered hundreds of miles – and this is really the only similarity American RTM Homes have with modular homes.

The difference is obvious when you walk in. A finished American RTM Home does not look or feel like a modular or manufactured home, rather our homes offer all the features of a custom built, stick built home.

One piece construction – our homes are not stitched together after delivery – allows for greater design freedom on floor plans, and more elaborate design features to be incorporated into your new home.

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American RTM HomesOur approach to Green home building is not to replace current technology for heating or cooling with some new ‘yet to be invented’ widget or ‘unproven’ alternative energy source, but simply to reduce the need for energy by building smarter.

We build environmentally responsible homes cost effectively - adding only $1.00 to $2.00 a square foot to the cost of your new home - because we build in a totally new and better way.

Enviro System™ construction uses a Trio of Technology – insulation, air tightness, and indoor air quality – to build healthy and cost effective super energy efficient new homes that will substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

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